Title: Time Freeze
Description: Teen drama
Duration time: 2:00
Production Period: 3 days
Production Year: 1999
Software: Director
Other credits: Music from Resident Evil

Background notes: Time freezes when something horrible happens. A single moment can last for whole minutes. Time Freeze is my first completed animation and also marks the first time I direct a short story and combine 3D backgrounds with 2D drawings. Having to draw everything by hand, scanning all the images, color them and add them to Director was very time consuming. Synchronising sounds, Macs crashing every 20 minutes and having no real animation equipment was a great challenge as well. Making my own font and write a poem was part of the project as well.
That was the 3rd university assignment for Staffordshire University and the 3rd animation I ever made in Macromedia Director, using Mac. The other 2 animations and their back ups were stolen from me. Actually... all my early 2d animations, made in Corel Move and Director, were stolen or destroyed (1995-1999).
Hand Drawings
3D images
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