Title: Bug Y2k
Description: The world before and after the strike of Y2k
Duration time: 10:00
Production Period: 2 weeks
Production Year: 1999
Software: 3DS4 (Dos)
Other credits: Music by Resident Evil

Background notes: Nine months before year 2000 we had to present the possible threats of the millenium bug. Reaching over 10 minutes, Bug Y2k is my longest 3D video and took me all two weeks of Easter vacations to complete it. I had to use every model I had made in the past and was by far the best presentation among my classmates. Sadly it was rejected for rediculus reasons - My animation was out of... subject! And my presentation was exceeding the 10 minute limit - while Keith and his funny 20 minute letter of quitting the class was excused! I managed to pass the class by submitting the above silly drawing!
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