Title: Birth of a Firefly
Description: The birth of a beautiful monster
Duration time: 2:00
Production Period: 1 month
Production Year: 2002
Software: Softimage/XSI
Other credits: Concept by Xiao-San, Music by unknown

Background notes: The beautiful birth of something ugly. It was a group project team of 4) for Bournemouth University.
When we made the animations, we had to switch from XSI (modelling/animation) to Maya (flame effects). Everyone was doing a different part, and we didn't really knew what the final result would be like. The only complete copy we got was in a BETA-tape and converting it into avi format made it look even worse due to distorted frame rates.
The firefly and the animation was my creation and design. It was the first Softimage character I made. Xiao, the Chinese girl I was working with, wanted an 'artistic approach', so we try to made it look like the spirits from the movie Final Fantasy. She made the background and the ripple effect at the end. The flame (made by two other guys) was a disaster because it looks like jelly, so I tried to fix it by adding gradient orange colors and sparkles.
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