Title: Schoolfight
Description: Short fighting animation
Duration time: 2:20
Production Period: 2 weeks
Production Year: 2004
Software: Director, Softimage/XSI
Other credits: Music by The Offspring

Background notes: The main idea was to make a small but decent fighting animation that would combine cartoon and 3D graphics (for the second time after Nebula in 2001), detailed characters, fluid action, innovative ideas (such as gradient color animations) and many surprises during the fight.  I had no reference for anything involing the design or the animation and the 3d cell shaded backgrounds were quite experimental. All the drawing were made exclusively by the use of a casual mouse. The result may seem weak now, but I gained a lot of experience. My next animation, GhostGames, had less detailed characters but smoother animation. This animation was inspired by SF2 the animated movie. The dark skinned guy is a combination of a dude I used to call friend and some other guys that used to terrorise me while I was studying in UK. The rest is fictious. It was the longest cartoon animation I made.
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