Title: Gore in the Dark
Description: Dark gothic violence
Duration time: 2:00
Production Period: 3 weeks
Production Year: 2005
Software: Softimage/XSI
Other credits: Music by Tristania, Sirenia, On Thorns I Lay

Background notes: Gore in the Dark is a short battle between mysterious girl and a pack of evil dogs. Alice's hair can shapeshift creating various effects and attacks. The movie focuses on the directing and the action rather than detail. The cell shading (toon coloring) gives a nice cartoon feeling to the 3D modelling. Animating eight dogs and play with the camera angles was a great challenge. I managed to balance the difficulty by having minimal backgrounds - unlike my previous 3D movies where I was modeling whole cities. Gore is one of my darkest animations and was made right after the cute Rei and Pipi. It was also the last 3D movie I made. This video contains lots of 'making of' images and credits at the end.
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