Title: Waterloop!
Description: The circle of water from a refreshing point of view
Duration time: 2:50 (1825 frames)
Production Period: 5 days
Production Year: 2008
Software: Flash
Other credits: Music by GGX, Simple life

Background notes: Waterloop was my second movie using Flash (after the poor Sparky&Shelly). Studying Flash for two months was enough for me to bring Walter to life. The concept was an original idea I had in mind for over a year. A fully animated short, showing the way of the water and its importance in nature. By the way, Walter's name is pronounced with a silent "L"!

Waterloop got 4.48 score in NewGrounds and also 3 Awards (Daily Feature, Weekly 4th Place, Review Crew Pick) [link]
Waterloop also got a Daily Deviation in DeviantArt [link]
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