Title: Twilight New Moon parody
Description: Possibly my most crazy animation!
Duration time: 3:30 (2505 frames)
Production Period: 2 months
Production Year: 2010
Software: Flash
Other credits: Voice by Jay Weinrub

Background notes: A refreshing retelling of the entire ''plot'' in 3 minutes but it might not make much sense if you haven't watch the movie. Some things might have been exaggerated a bit... You just have to find out for yourselves!
The rough black and white animations are part of the joke and they also give a special attention to the colored scenes. This was a very spontaneous project and the dialogues came out incredibly well inspite the fact that each line was recorded separately. I never had such an extensive use of sound and dialogues in my animations before. This was my first movie after 2 years, due to my full time job.

Twilight New Moon Parody made it to the finals of the parody contest of HISHE in 2010 [link]
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