Title: Chemical Colors
Description: Some drawings dont "come out" the traditional way!
Duration time: 2:30
Production Period: 50 days
Production Year: 2008 - 2010
Software: Flash
Other credits: Actress Mariza, Music by Cynic Project

Background notes: This is the third movie I made in Flash, after only three months of studying it. Live action footage and cartoon animation was combined for first time in one of my movies. I wanted this to be the best and most impressive animation I ever done. The posters and the T-shirt were especially made to show off my work.
Directing it was a great challenge because I had to plan everything before the shooting, and then work on the footage I had. The production was taking very long and I reached a dead-end when I realised that I needed very specific music. I couldnt find a musician to help me out, so I returned two years later, to give an ending quite different from what I originally intended. And yes, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is the best movie ever made! :)
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