Title: Deppy vs V-bot
Description: 3D toon girl goes against a giant robot
Duration time: 0:50
Production Period: 1 week
Production Year: 2003
Software: Softimage/XSI
Other credits: Music by unknown

Background notes: This was my first animation exactly a year after finishing my MA project Amity (similar content between the two animations: a girl, a robot and a city). Fashinated by cell shading (toon shading), I started modeling without having an actual story. I stopped half way through, because I couldnt figure out how to resolve the fight between Deppy and the Robot. A year later, I returned to give some sort of an ending... poorly resembling a videogame advertisement.
Cell shading was very tricky and this project had many problems but helped me learn a lot (such as that I always need to plan before start an animation)! Thanks to Debbie I made Gore in the Dark in 2005 which was my last 3D short, and one of my best.
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